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CT, PT, CVT and parts
CT, PT, CVT and parts
Oil Impregnated Paper CT LBT35-500kv Dead Tank

-Voltage range: from 35KV-500KV

-Sealed oil-filled capacitor type structure with metallic expansion bellows.

-With more efficient sealing method, which slows the aging process of the gasket seal and extends the product life.

-Uniform electric field, low partial discharge and good usability.

-Less and stable dielectric dissipation factor.

-With transient protection windings, which can satisfy the needs of large capacity power system and reclosing operation.

-Large value of dynamic current and short-time thermal current.

-Available for more secondary tapping, which can satisfy the needs of various mea
surement and protection.

-Expansion bellows: stainless steel shell, oil tank coated with a special paint (which Is water-proof, mould-proof and salt-proof).