Shenyang Xinxin Alliance Electric Co.,Ltd
Instrument transformer & Parts
CT, PT, CVT and parts
CT, PT, CVT and parts
Oil Impregnated Paper CT LBT35-500kv Dead Tank
SF6-Insulated Voltage Transformer(35KV-220KV)
Capacitor Voltage Transformer
Oil Impregnated paper Voltage Transformer
JDCF-110(126)W Oil Impregnated paper PT
JDX6-35(40.5)W Oil Impregnated paper PT
SF6 Gas Current Transformer LVQBT35-500(550)W
LRGBJ1-220W and 110W Dry Type CT
LRGBJ1-66W and 36W Dry Type CT
Silicon Hollow Insulator
Porcelain Hollow Insulator
Nanocrystalline cores
Capacitor Paper
CT Shell(corona spinning)
CT Shell
Metallic bellows
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