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CT, PT, CVT and parts
CT, PT, CVT and parts
LRGBJ1-66W and 36W Dry Type CT

-capacitor insulation structure results in smaller dimension and facilitates installation.

-Using high-heat-resistant, low-loss materials, and no oil, porcelain, or gas. It can be used in all kinds of environment.

-Secondary windings, lying on the bottom, are tightly sealed in the tank to prevent dus and sand encroachment.

-The separately elicited earth shield facilitates testing, while high damp-proof ability, the insulation resistance could perform reliably.

-Long using life and long-term reliable running.

-No oil filling: More safer and no oil leakage.

-No porcelain: small dimension and low weight.

-No gas: producing no pollution to the environment.

- Advanced technology: optimal designs with uniform electric field, low partial discharge and low dielectric dissipation