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GIS, circuit breaker, disconnector & its parts
GIS, circuit breaker, disconnector & its parts
ZF27-800 is 800kV GIS that is developed by PG’ own. It consists of circuit breaker, current transformer, disconnector, earthing switch, main busbar, incoming and out coming bushing and electrical control cubicle. Rated voltage, 800kV; rated current, 5000A; rated short circuit breaking current, 50kA. Our company has won the bidding of Guanting station in Northwest 750kV transmission project. ZF27-800 GIS has been developed successfully in April, 2007, and passed the appraisal of company. The conclusion is as follows:
1. High insulation level, complied with DL/T593-2006 The Common Technical Requirements of High Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment Standard, high flow capacity, rated current reached 5000A.
2. The interrupter of circuit breaker is designed with double break. So it has excellent breaking performance that can break cumulatively reached 20, and reliable mechanical performance that mechanical life reaches to 5000.
3.  Hydraulic operation mechanism, matched with circuit breaker, is of lumped structure and high power. It has the advantages of reliable performance, inside hydraulic tubes, no leakage and modern design.
4.  The disconnector, earthing switch, bushing and busbar are designed with modern structure and stable and reliable performance.
ZF27-800 GIS is the new-type product developed by PG’ own. It is the first 800kV GIS in China and reaches to the advanced world level.