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GIS, circuit breaker, disconnector & its parts
GIS, circuit breaker, disconnector & its parts
The LW30-126 series circuit breaker is my group in the model overseas advanced technology foundation, the independent development new generation from can the type product. Uses from can the type extinguishing of arc principle, uses for parts the CT26 entire spring to hold the motive to buy. Its main technology and the performance parameter achieves the contemporary international advanced level. This product has the independent intellectual property rights, applied for the national practical new patent in 2001, and obtains the letter patent which the national patent office issues (patent number ZL 01262031.9). This product continuously is also included 2001-2002 year national torch plan.
     the circuit breaker uses for parts the CT26 organization holds the drive mechanism for the entire spring, all organizations part all compact collection attire on an aluminum support, the part which its uses few, arranges simply compact, the whole firm is durable. All important parts go to use the numerical control processing, all bearings use the import completely the international brand bearing (for example: Brand and so on IKO, INA, SKF), the organization box has used the stainless steel material quality, divides, the switch on stored energy spring may select the Japanese import spring. This had guaranteed the organization can reliably operate for several dozens years, the operand reaches the up to ten thousand orders.
this series circuit breaker whole assembly all purifies in the workshop in the large-scale entire seal to carry on, the assembly shop dust, the moisture content, the temperature and so on all have the strict control request. The erector all is after the intermediate above skilled mechanic which trains specially. The entire assembly process contains erector's self-checking, is examining mutually, and the specially inspection personnel's process check and finally examines, fully has guaranteed the circuit breaker assembly quality. Below this product has the characteristic:
1st, fine performance;
     this product uses advanced from can the type extinguishing of arc principle, opens breaks the ability strongly, opens breaks the short-circuit current to have to operate the merit slightly, the electricity life is long. Uses the reliable entire spring organization, mechanical life long, maintains the quantity to be minimum. Circuit breaker all seals use 双道 "O" the shape circle seal, divulging rate are low, also outside the seal trough spreads the special-purpose aquaseal,Exterior by prevents the corrosion matter corrosion seal packing collar. This circuit breaker overhaul period is not long, may amount to for 10 years not to service.
2nd, uses the many kinds of improvements technology.
     When this product design, the designer widely profits from the domestic and foreign advanced technologies, summarizes and uses my group as well as the domestic well-known brand many years accumulation production experience, has made the improvement to the transmission system and the explosion chamber. This product uses the unilateral transmission, the transmission tension bar installs in the gearbox with the side, also causes it to be in the identical plane, reduced the transmission chain, thus reduced the transmission loss; In holds on the drive mechanism the oil cushion and the minute floodgate spring also collection attire, also the direct AND output turns the arm to be connected, when switch on outputs turns the arm directly for the minute floodgate spring stored energy, reduced in the transmission loss. The explosion chamber has partially carried on the optimized electric field design, optimized the arc contact structure, increased the screening can on the contact finger, causes the electric field to be evener, makes the dielectric strength to restore quickly, electric arc not easy afterburning; Uses divides the writing style air cylinder (air cylinder differential pressure air chamber and expansion chamber), fully uses the electric arc own energy to come the extinguishing of arc, causes breaks when the short-circuit current the operation merit to be smaller, the electricity life may reach 20 above time.
3rd, the structure simple, the applicable scope is broad.
   this product mainly by the explosion chamber, the base, the support and the spring control mechanism and so on several parts is composed, for porcelain column type structure which three-phase establishes separately, three-phase uses in common chassis, three-phase linkage operation. Uses for parts a CT26 spring to hold the drive mechanism, the organization output turns the arm to pass the tension bar and the circuit breaker main body is connected. When this product operation affects in supports the skeleton and the foundation impulse small, the noise is low, does not have burning and the explosion hazard, is suitable in the inhabited area, this product according to the extreme environment design, can use in below earthquake intensity 8; Regelation thickness 10mm; Contamination rank IV level; Below elevation 2500m general areas.
4th, the contour is artistic, anticorrosion ability.
   this product has carried on the product modelling design, used the high strength thin petticoat insulators, has designed the small stainless steel organization box, the support and the crossbeam has used pot galvanize processing completely, caused the product overall contour more artistic, was anti-corrosive.
This circuit breaker design conforms to GB1984-2003, DL/402-1999 as well as is connected the IEC standard, its design, the production, the inspection, the sale, the service and so on obey the ISO9002 quality system completely the request execution. Has guaranteed the circuit breaker overall quality. This product core technology also uses in my group independent development development 126kV entire seal combination electric appliance (GIS), this combination electric appliance in on the international most well-known high-pressured electric appliance test house Holland KEMA test house smooth passed the complete pattern experiment in March, 2000, the experiment defers to the IEC standard and STL completely (world short-circuit test federation) the stipulation execution. My factory becomes domestic first to complete the GIS complete set experiment in the Dutch KEMA test house the factory, this symbolized this circuit breaker structure disposition underwent domestic and the international test house dual test, fully has confirmed its design rationality, the scientific nature。
First, present this series circuit breaker includes each kind of specification:
1. LW30-72.5/3150-40 (31.5)
2. LW30-126/3150-40 (31.5)
3. LW30-145/3150-31.5 < new trial manufacturing product >
The <145kV rank system (mainly for overseas electrical network), the plateau area replaces the 126kV circuit breaker >
4. LW30-126 (72.5) C/2500-40 < hand car type circuit breaker, circuit breaker extends product >
5. Applies in high and cold local LW30-126 (72.5) the product (lowest application ambient temperature -50 ℃)
6. Applies in the high elevation area LW30-126 product (elevation 2500-4000 meter)
take LW30-126/3150-40 (31.5) as the example, the introduction model significance: LW represents the outdoors sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker; 30 represents the design sequence number; 126 represents rated voltage 126kV; 3,150 represents nominal current 3150A; 40 (31.5) represents fixed short-circuits drop-out current 40 (31.5) kA. Among them, the ambient temperature -30 ~ 40 ℃ is the conventional product, the rating short-circuits drop-out current 40 kA; The ambient temperature -40 ~ 40 ℃ is the frigid zone product, the rating short-circuits drop-out current 31.5 kA。