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GIS, circuit breaker, disconnector & its parts
LW30-252 outdoor high-volt SF6 circuit breaker
1. General
1.1 LW30-252 outdoor high-volt SF6 circuit breaker, three-phase, AC, 50 HZ outdoor switchgear,is applicable for the control and protection of 252KV power transmission and distribution system and the network interconnected circuit breaker.

1.2 LW30-252 breaker is incorporated with CT spring operating mechanism.

1.3 The breaker conforms to IEC56 and GB1984-1989 about the AC high-volt breaker.

1.4 Main characteristics
Self-energizing arc-control principle is adopted to provide the advantages as excellent breaking capacity, short arcing time, long mechanical life, low operating noise etc; SF6 gas is adopted as the insulating medium that is far away the danger of burning and explosion; simple, safe and reliable spring operating mechanism is incorporated. The breaker is allowed to be operated in the densely populated area.

1.5 Working conditions
1.5.1 Ambient temperature: from-30℃ to +40℃ (-40℃ to -40℃ for the special ordering)
1.5.2 Altitude: within 1000m
1.5.3 Humidity of the air
Relative humidity: within 95% at average daily
Within 90% at average monthly (25℃)
Saturation vapor pressure: within 2.2×10‐3MPa at average daily
within 1.8×10‐3MPa at average monthly
1.5.4 Wind pressure: within 700Pa (equals to 34m/s wind velocity)
1.5.5 Thickness of the ice allowed to be covered on the breaker: 10mm
1.5.6 Seismic intensity: 8
1.5.7 Sunshine intensity: 0.1 w/cm² (when the wind velocity is 0.5m/s)
1.5.8 Maximum daily temperature difference: 25℃
1.5.9 The breaker should be installed far away from the places with inflammable, explosive danger, chemical corrosion and violent vibration.

2. Main technical parameters
2.1 Main technical parameters of the breaker (see table1 )