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GIS, circuit breaker, disconnector & its parts
GIS, circuit breaker, disconnector & its parts
GW22A-550 consummates the advanced version isolator is the single column vertical extension type three phase ac 50Hz outdoors high pressure electrical equipment, does not have the load for the high-pressured line to trade meets, as well as to electrical equipment and the charged high-pressured line and so on high-pressured generatrix, circuit breaker which overhauls carries on using of the electrical isolation.
Below this product has the specification
Divides into whether there is earthing switch according to: Does not earth, the earth, attaches installs the JW7-550 two steps of movements types to consummate the advanced version earthing switch.
GW22A-550 consummates the advanced version isolator including three single poles, each extremely single column type structure, mainly by the foundation, the supporting insulator, revolves the insulator, the current carrying part, holds the drive mechanism to be composed. Each advocates the knife switch to install extremely and revolves insulator upside in the supporting insulator, the isolator static contact installment in the electric transmission generatrix, when main knife switch minute floodgate justs like the human arm to close up equally to under folds, forms the vertical direction with between the place above static contact the insulation fracture.
The isolator makes the single-pole pattern, three interelectrodes then three-phase electricities linkage, also may the phase splitting operation. The chief surgeon uses for parts CJ6G to consummate the advanced version electrically operated organization, the knife then uses for parts CJ6G to consummate the advanced version electrically operated organization also to be possible to use for parts CSG to consummate the advanced version manpower organization (matches when CSG manpower organization is grouping operation, and may use for parts the new DSW4 electromagnetism according to user request to lock).
1. The main electric conduction return route uses the high quality high strength aluminum alloy, the electrical conductivity good, weight light, the mechanical strength is high. The main knife switch transmission part and the equalizing spring, clamp the spring, the recoil check spring puts in leads in the electric tube, not external environment influence.
2. Uses goes against the pressure tripper to safeguard the isolator the reliable switch on, under exogenic process and so on the wind power, electromotive force, the isolator maintains throughout at the good working mode active status. Will go against the pressure tripper the insulation hoop to change the stainless steel hoop, at the same time will lead the telephone pole in on to additionally build the insulation, will cease the insulation hoop to be easy in the atmosphere to get older, the disruption phenomenon.
3. Does not arrive in view of a product minute switch on, after the movement installs the phenomenon which the size is easy to change, adopts the following to improve the measure:
1) increases leads between the electric tube and the aluminum casting stops the position set screw the quantity, and the change stops the position set screw the assembly pattern.
2) leads in the electric tube in under the tension bar lower extremity to add set of gears racks to mesh the proportional type control installment.
4. Will operate the insulator lower extremity the bearing seat to change may adjust the double oil-less bearing support structure, and will increase slow dies, will avoid when the assembly has the strain the damage which will create to the insulator.
5.  originally will weld the foundation to change the complete assembly type pot galvanize foundation, will avoid as a result of welding the distortion which but will bring and rusting away the question.
Use environmental condition
1. The elevation does not surpass 2000m;
2. The ambient temperature is -50 ℃ ~ +50 ℃;
3. The wind pressure does not surpass 700Pa;
4. The earthquake intensity does not surpass 9;
5. Regelation thickness does not surpass 20mm;
6. Installs the place to be supposed not to have flammable, the explosive danger, chemistry corrosion and the fierce vibration.