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All kinds of equipment and parts
Oil Immersed Load Break Switch
General scope
This operation instruction is suitable for the YF series load switch, the  I-type oil-immersed products are used in the pad-mounted transformer (below is called switch), this type of switch is installed on the tank side and is applied in the 10kV, 50Hz or 60Hz three-phase power supply line , and it is used as the control and protect device in the loop power supply or double power resource supply system , transformer oil is regarded as the insulation and arc extinguish medium . This switch can be exchanged between three HV circuit in closing or breaking operation state , it can instead of the HV load switch of three units or HV switch cabinet which is required in the double power resource or by loop feed operating method and simplify the HV circuit .
The switch can be sorted into four position structure of bus bar line 1 power supply , bus bar line 2 power supply and breaking method , according to the transition requirement , we can operate the steering pole and handle shaft to drive the switch turning on clockwise or counter-clockwise direction freely , once operation can turn a 90°. It can change the power supply mode by three-phase linkage to close or shut power supply .