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All kinds of equipment and parts
All kinds of equipment and parts
Quick shutdown valve
1. Quick shutdown time is less than 0.5s, the whole time is less than 0.8s including the buffer time
2. Time of normal open and close can be adjusted to about 10s
Standard function
1. Quick shutdown
2. Normal starting and turn-off
3. Keep the valve reliable(without instruction signals, the valve can be locked stably in opening position )
4. Buffer function (Rapid closure of the valve, when the valve is close to full-closed position, keep slowdown in the closure of the buffer to prevent the valve core and valve seat impact, the impact of the protection of the valve to avoid damage )
5. Purely manual operation(the valve can be turned on and off manually when the electro-hydraulic actuator lose pressure or without electricity)
6. Showing and alarm( There are “full-open”, "full-closed", "fast close", “activity test” showing status about valve in the showing and alarm unit. There are also "low pressure"、"overheating motor " alarm display and so on)
7. Activity test(prevent the occurrence of valve jam after long-term fixation)
Optional function
1. Feedback analog signal
2. Quick open
3. Two-way rapid movement
1. Rapid response, great output torque and wide range of applications
2. Mechanical and electrical integration, integrated design with the independent and closed oil source which is unnecessary to equipped with outside pipeline, compact body and convenient to fix
3. Advanced control principle,selecting the hydraulic control components   with the cone valve structure without leakage, reliable working condition
4. Various and flexible control mode, easy to connect with the automatic control system
5. Adopt the imported components to equip the actuator including the electricity and hydraulic control components. The use of advanced sealing technology and imports of seal components, so that non-leakage, high reliability.
                                  A. output torque 4000Nm
                                  B. output torque 7000Nm
    acutuator                      C. output torque 12000Nm
                                  D. output torque 18000Nm
                                  E. output torque 25000Nm
T. The temperature of the media is less than 400 in the pipeline; the      material of the valve is carbon steel
H.The temperature of the media is more than 400 in the pipeline; the      material of the valve is alloy Steel
F. The connection of valve and pipeline is flange way
H. The connection of valve and pipeline is welding
The rated pressure is kgf/cm2 which can be selected 10,16,25,40,100 and so on according to the working pressure of the pipeline
The rated diameter is cm,you can choose 40 if the diameter is 400mm; choose 60 if 600mm; and so on