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Power, distribution, test transformer & Parts
No Partial Discharge PF Test Transformer

Non-partial Discharge PF Testing Transformers
It is used for checking the insulation level of power-frequency voltage of all kinds of insulation materials and electric products. ParTial discharge lovel it is frequently needed in electric manufacturers. Power companies ,scientific research institutes and universities
The 50-1800KV non-partial discharge power-frequency testing transformers have passed the appraisal of two-ministries. The soilage transformer have obtained the national practical patent .The factory is the unique one to manufacture the sustaining transformer .They are mostly used in sino-foreign joint venture power transformer manufacturers (shanghai- Areva of example).Main technique capabilities are domestic-leading and keep ahead in the world.
Characteristics1 Packaged equipments can be easily combined .There are adequate series of voltage capacity and the capability of them is powerful2 Non-partial discharge epoxy insulation is successfully invented. It could reduce the partial discharge char